Comments from Clients, Families, and Readers

“As I read it, I teared up, and there were times I couldn’t speak. You really captured the story. “

“You inspired me.”

“My words can’t explain the gratitude I feel for what you’ve done for me and the entire family. You have created a family treasure that will be passed down through the generations.”

“Reading this was like going back in time. How do you do it, Bill?”

“I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me. I am receiving numerous positive and enthusiastic comments from everyone who reads it. They say it is an easy read, extremely well written and organized.”

“You are a uniquely gifted writer, and I am appreciative for the opportunity of working with you.”

“I know two people who read the book from the moment they got it, up all night and into the next day and couldn’t put it down. Kudos to you for doing a terrific job.”

“Today I read the book from cover to cover. I usually don’t do that, but I really didn’t want to stop reading. Kudos for a job well-done.”

“I had tears running down my face from the laughter while reading this. It is so good! What a treasure this will be. Thanks for doing this!”

“It was as much fun making the book with you as it is to read it today.  What a terrific way of keeping memories alive and passing them down to the next generation.”

“I finished the book last night…what a beautiful and bountiful story of Life!!! Stories of the intense and deep bond of love that connects the family and keeps watch over all of you.”

“You have the real gift for writing and I am so happy for the way you have put my thoughts and life experiences into words.”

“I will always be indebted to you for the time, effort, and professionalism you put into this book. I am very fortunate you came into my life.”

You’ve helped make this possible with your strategy, direction, and resources. We made it to the summit together, thank you!

“It has truly been a huge blessing to get to know you and have you as part of our lives the last two years while beautifully summarizing the past 60 years of our lives.”

We are all grateful to you for sharing your time and talents with us. “The material is warm, friendly, and candid. I like the person I meet in these pages, and I want to get to know him better.”

“My wife and I read the book and loved it! Made us laugh, smile, and cry. Hat trick!”

“My siblings and I, as well as our kids, have all enjoyed learning more about my parent’s lives.”

“My dad got a lot of enjoyment out of telling his stories and reflecting back on his life.”

“Recounting his life story has revitalized my father. Working through the process and getting it just the way he wants it has given him a second wind.”

“In addition to engaging my dad, the process has enlightened all of us to the relationships, mentors, and situations which had profound influence on his life.”

“Hi Bill. You are amazing! We are all grateful to you for doing this for our family. Can’t thank you enough!”

“The book is nicely done, thank you. I’ve had fun reading it. You’ve done a great job and I appreciate it.”

“Thanks again Bill for all your hard work and using your talent to summarize our family’s story. You have been a huge blessing to us!”

“We all appreciate the book very much. It’s wonderful. As times goes on, you forget. It is nice to preserve these memories and be able to hand them down to my children; to have them all in a book to read so they will know their grandparents through the stories.”

“As kids growing up, we pick up maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of what really happened, and then memories fade, and so much of it gets lost. The book helped me learn how it all came together for my parents; to connect the dots.”

“Thanks so much for doing this. The book will be such a family treasure for decades to come.”

“Bill is a very nice guy, very approachable and he won’t pressure you to do something you don’t want to do.”

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